Grace Ng

Impromptu in 2 words is effortless and chic. Because as we all know, to look chic takes effort and effort takes time. Impromptu eliminates just that problem for me. And I love how pieces from Impromptu look fabulous on their own but at the same time, give me some room to be creative when I feel like mix-n'-matching. And that's what we, women, crave for! Thank you, Impromptu ♥

SHE IS IN FASHION (http://http://she-is-in-fashion.blogspot.com)

May 21, 2014

Stella Prawiropermono

I find Impromptu is very versatile that I wear Impromptu 3 days a week! Every morning before work I think of what to wear (every girls problem) and I can just pick out any of my Impromptu pieces. Impromptu fills up one third of my wardrobe!


Mar 5, 2014