How to Shop

For many of you shopping at a webstore is fun but new experience, so we want to guide you to make your new experience a breeze. Think of IMPROMPTU as a real shop, only you can’t be bothered to travel there and spent 2 hours in purchasing our goods.

  1. Browse through our collections and find the products you love. All products offers more detailed information regarding size, color and material if you click on them. If you are a ‘strategic’ shopper and know what you need already, we categorised our collection according to its function (bottom, tops, etc).
  2. Like shopping in a supermarket you put the things you want to buy into your cart. Thus, you have to click the ‘add to cart’ button and the item will automatically be added there. You will be presented information about what item is in your cart and how much it cost. You can still browse for other items and repeat the step.
  3. When you browse enough, and feel you have everything that you need, proceed to the virtual cashier by clicking ‘check out’.
  4. You will then be asked either  to ‘register’ by filling in your personal details or ‘log in’ if you have registered before. Dont forget to tick the ‘sign up for our newsletter’ box if you want our latest updates on new arrivals or early bird sale. Please remember the password you have chosen previously. In case you forget, click the ‘forgot your password?’
  5. Once your data is recognised, the next step will then will involve your shipping fee information and therefore your total amount to be paid. Click ‘confirm order’
  6. Your order will be confirmed by us automatically and you will be given the order ID. This ID number will be sent to your email as well. After you made payment, you will then have to confirm your order by clicking ‘confirm payment’ in our home page (just when you open our website) and type in your order ID number (this is to inform us you have made payment so we can check it and send your purchase)


That is how simple it is to shop with us!