About Us

Established in September 2011, Impromptu offers a line of female clothing with modern cut with vintage twist, focusing on pieces that are easy to style and can be worn at any occasions.

Creative Director Teresia Novelita,  a LaSalle College Jakarta graduate - was born and raised in the heart of city of Jakarta, making the city life her biggest inspiration. Adorned by her love of vintage fashion, you can always find a vintage twist at each and every piece of Impromptu's design.

Each year, Impromptu releases four special collections in collaboration with local illustrators, designers or influencers. In between these collections, you can always come back to shop some daily wear every two weeks or so. Striving to be a company that not only have a place in every women's wardrobe, we also aspire to be a company that has a social impact. One of the special collection each year will also be dedicated to charity.