Vision and Mission


im·promp·tu  [im-promp-too, -tyoo] 


1. made or done without previous preparation: an impromptu address to the unexpected crowds.
2. suddenly or hastily prepared, made, etc.: an impromptu dinner.
3. improvised; having the character of an improvisation.
Impromptu - as seen above - means something that isn't prepared. But IMPROMPTU as a brand, would love to provide pieces that can be worn anytime at any impromptu ocassions. 
Our pieces are easy to style; heavily adorned with the influence from vintage fashion. They are especially made for women aged 15 to 35 who lives in the city, living a busy hectic life, without forgetting to look good. Bet everyone's agree that women looks best when they're confident in how they look.
Though easy, each and every Impromptu piece is thought thoroughly and carefully designed - and though affordable, we pay attention to quality. Structured and sewn by the best people in town, we believe we can deliver the best kinds of everyday wear.